The Witness Movement

Sons of God! March Forward
The National Witness Movement was established for the young people of the Church for the responsibilities of the Church membership, to train them for evangelism and to harness their energies in practical ministry to the unsaved. Young people will be fully eligible for membership of the Movement at the age of 15, bur younger ones who know the Lord as Saviour should be encouraged to attend. Only those needed as leaders will normally be allowed to continue membership after 35 years of age.

The council will appoint a National Witness Leader who will promote the work nationally, chair national conventions and co-ordinate the working of the appointment Area, District and Local Leaders who will take responsibility at their various levels.

The Area Apostle will be in direct and vital contact with the Area Witness Leader to encourage and promote the work among the young, and to use them in evangelical outreach. District and Area Rallies and Conventions to be organized from time to time.