About Us

Who we are

The Apostolic Church, Ghana is one of the denominations or families of Churches which have arisen from the Pentecostal Movement that flowed from the Welsh Revival in 1904-05. It is self-governing and has local churches in every District in Ghana or branches with a National Headquarters in Accra.

Why we exist

The Apostolic Church, Ghana is committed to playing a vital role as a significant part of the Body of Christ in positively impacting Ghana and beyond for Christ.

As a movement, we are passionate about seeing individual lives connecting with Christ, being empowered by the Holy Spirit, equipped to fulfill their God-given purpose and released in mission for the glory of God. As each local Apostolic Church stays committed to equipping and releasing, there will be no end to the number of lives that will be built and the number of communities that will be transformed in Ghana and beyond.

No wonder the church was reported to be the fastest growing church in the Gold Coast between the late 1930s and 1960. Praise God!

Objects of the church

The main object of the Church shall be to teach and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and continue steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine, breaking of bread, fellowship and prayers. In furtherance of these objects, the activities and programmes of the Church shall be organized in a manner as:

  1. To encourage and promote evangelism;
  2. To provide a basis of fellowship among Christians of like faith that will receive the teachings and the Government of the Church by forming and establishing Assemblies;
  3. To receive tithes, offerings, donations, and gifts and to raise funds by biblical means for the use of the work of the church;
  4. To establish and maintain departments and institutions such as Bible Schools, Health facilities, Agricultural projects, Educational Institutions, Printing presses, Bookshops, and any other ventures as may be necessary for the propagation of the Gospel and work of the Church and
  5. To have the right to buy, take, accept, lease or otherwise acquire, own, hold in trust, use, convey, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of real and personal property, tangible or intangible, invest money as deemed necessary in bonds, debentures, bills and notes of whatsoever kind, to create trust deeds and mortgages, and to enter into contracts all as may be necessary for the work of the Church.


The church adheres strongly to the Biblical pattern of leadership. From Ephesians 4:11-12, the church is governed by a National Council made up of Apostles and Prophets. The National Council (Leadership) plays a major role in setting corporate vision and providing general direction for churches across the nation and affiliate churches overseas.

Foreign Missions

The Apostolic Church, Ghana has a rich heritage in Global Missions. Our Overseas/Foreign Missions serves the vision of the local church in making Jesus’ last command (Matthew 28:18-20) our first priority. Presently, we have missionaries in the United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, United States of America, among others.